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2-minute favor

I'd like to ask a favor of anyone who reads this. I'm trying to get Google to find the web page of the robot I'm building, so it's easy to find information about it once the robot is actually built. The robot is named "Dikon," so if you could add a link in your blog that says something about a bipedal running and walking robot called Dikon, then Google will start returning my web page when people search for Dikon. Maybe someone else can tell me, but I think it's best if only the word "Dikon" is actually the linked word, because a search for "Dikon robot" already returns my web page,

And if you'd like to send this to a few friends, that would be great, too. Thanks for the help!


P.S. you can say whatever you want. "My friend is on a fool's errand to build this robot that is so hopelessly complex it will never work. it's called Dikon." or "Dikon is the name of his pet rock and he keeps it under his bed." as long as you link the word "Dikon" to my web page. :)

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